Caveat Equity Funds


Voluntary investment products

Private Equity Portfolios

  • Actively Managed Discretionary Portfolios

Capital Growth Note (Full guarantee)

  • Caveat Capital GuaranteeEquity  Index Linked Growth Fund
  • Long biased Index Fund tracking the JSE/Top 40 Index with averaging path dependant qualities
    (Underwritten by Societie Generale)

Fixed IncomeEquity Linked Index  Note (Partial guarantee)

  • Fixed Income Equity Linked Index Linked Note
  • With full capital guarantee
  • Caveat Phoenix Fixed Income Equity Linked Index Tracker (Top 40 / FTSE )
    (Underwritten by Societie Generale)

Compulsory Investment Products

  • Retirement Annuities 
  • Actively managed direct equity asset management in Retirement Annuities, Preservation Fund, and Life Annuities. (in accordance with Act 28)

Advisory services

  • Securities and Instruments

Hedging of:

  • Shares
  • Debentures
  • Securitised debt
  • Bonds
  • Deposits
  • Collective Investment Schemes
  • Unit Trusts